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What is GAVLL?

The Graphically Accelerated Vortex Lattice Library (GAVLL) is a C++ based aerodynamics library for wind turbine and wind farm simulation. The mission of GAVLL is to provide the wind industry a medium fidelity tool that is fast, accurate, and easy to use.

Why should I use a Vortex Method over BEM?

Today's wind turbine blades are longer and more flexible than ever before. This means that the underlying assumptions of blade element momentum theory (BEM) are breaking down causing an over-prediction of fatigue load by upwards of 15%. Blades designed using BEM are heavier and more expensive than they need to be. Vortex based methods accurately predict loading, enabling you to confidently design better wind turbines and decrease the levelized-cost of wind energy.

What is the current status of GAVLL?

GAVLL is still in under construction. If you would like to learn more about the current status of GAVLL or if you want to become an early collaborator, please contact Rosenberg Solutions.


GAVLL is accelerated through the use of graphic processing giving you high fidelity results faster than real time.

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